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Choose from thousands of Stocks

Easily access 19,000 global Stocks on 36 of the world’s exchanges. Choose Stocks from the US, Europe and Asia to create your ideal portfolio.


Powerful screening and analysis tools

Discover hidden opportunities with tools you can use straight from the platform. The Equity Research tool offers independent, forward-looking estimates, analyst data and much more, while the Technical Analysis tool gives an overview of your Stocks’ movements and helps manage your strategies.

Multi-Currency Account

Through Saxo Capital Markets you can trade in multiple currencies. Investors also benefit from free Stock transfers when transferring their stocks into Saxo Capital Markets from other providers. Transfer fees from previous suppliers may still apply.
Rates & conditions Standard Active
London Stock Exchange from 8 GBP from 5 GBP
NASDAQ & NYSE from 9.9 USD from 7 USD
Deutsche Börse (XETRA) from 12 EUR from 9 EUR
Australian Securities Exchange from 10 bps from 7 bps
Hong Kong Exchange
from 8 bps
Singapore Exchange from 15 bps from 12 bps
Tokyo Stock Exchanges from 15 bps from 8 bps
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Why trade Stocks with Saxo?

Smart Order Routing

Smart Order Routing (SOR) aims to provide the fastest and best execution on larger stock orders. The automated SOR systems route large orders through all the trading venues where your stock trades, thereby increasing liquidity and improving your execution price.

Algorithmic Orders

Algorithmic Orders are especially useful for larger or more advanced stock orders. They used algorithmic equations to independently execute order transactions most efficiently, according to the client’s chosen strategy. They can also break down an order into smaller parts to avoid showing the full size of the order.

Stocks as Margin Collateral 

If you also trade Forex or Futures, you’ve already got collateral with which to act on the next great opportunity. Use a percentage of your Stocks value as margin collateral and increase your market exposure. 

Explore, analyse and trade

Use the Stock Screener to discover the hidden gems among 36 Stock exchanges worldwide, and analyse new investment opportunities by using the in-depth fundamental data available on more than 10,000 stocks.

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Product Risk

Saxo Capital Markets is required to categorise investment products offered to retail clients depending on the product’s complexity and risk as: green, yellow or red.

Stocks are categorised as yellow or red products depending on the individual instrument. Please see the "Product Risk Categorisation".

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