29 April 2016

New in SaxoTrader

New in SaxoTrader

Manage Orders from the Open Positions list

A new column called Orders is now available in the Open Positions list in SaxoTrader.


The button shows the number of orders for the instrument on the same account. Click the Order button to open the list of orders where you can edit, cancel or create new orders for the instrument:


The overview shows the:

  • Net position
  • Total Amount of Buy and Sell orders
  • Uncovered amount showing the difference between the Net position and the Order amount. For example if you have a long EURUSD position for 1M  and a sell order to close 250,000 the Uncovered would be 750,000

Access from the Watchlist, Chart, Instrument Explorer, Trade Tickets

Filtered Orders can also be accessed from the right-click context menu for an instrument from the Watchlist, Chart, Instrument Explorer, Trade Tickets, etc.


Uncovered Amount in the Trade ticket

The uncovered amount shows the difference between the net position and the resting orders in the other direction, i.e. what part of a client’s net position is not protected by orders.

Example: Long 500,000. OCO orders to sell 200,000. Uncovered = 300,000


 It’s also shown in the new filtered Orders module in Open Positions:



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