Intermediate Course in Hedging with Stock Options (SOB 1-5)

This course consists of five modules; students may select unit(s) matching to their own requirements.  Pricing discount will be applied for students that sign up to all five modules.

Module 1
Module 2Module 3Module 4Module 5
TopicApplication of different Strike prices (1 day)
Operations of Options Dynamics (2 days)Application of Option Strategies (1 day)Closing and Hedging Positions (1 day)Option Data and Position Analysis (1 day)
There were many instances where "over-aggressively" investors lost their premium, Investors should always be vigilant on the changes of Intrinsic value and the time value of options under different strike prices.
  • Learn how to utilise different option strike prices and expiry dates 
  • Learn how to compare long and short share options positions
  • Case studies on buying and selling options at different strike prices
Options Dynamics is an analytical method which fully incorporates data of Hong Kong equities and index options over the past decade to facilitate option and stock movements analysis. This system can also be used to simulate tests and manage portfolios.

This course helps to establish a deeper understanding the operation requirements of options by introducing and applying the system. Students may bring their own laptops for the classes.
Long options (long call and long put) have smaller chances of winning compared with short positions (short call or short put), a wise investor will always be holding both long and short positions in their investment portfolio, a balanced position is a better position.
  • Calculation and Application of Delta
  • Applications of Options’ Strategies
Whether you bet correctly on the market or not, investors will always suffer to fear and desire. Learning how to hedge properly will ensure the investors not just be comfortable, but fulfilling to what they desire most. This is the main difference between options and shares trading.
  • Introduction and Application of Hedging and Unwinding positions
  • Case studies on hedging
Options data analysis is an effective way to reduce your portfolio risk and to allow investors to capture opportunities.
  • How to understand open interest data
  • How to spot unusual option transactions
  • Analysis of unusual options transaction with historical examples
  • How to analyse and apply put and call options ratio
SpeakerFounder of Investology - Henry Wong
Time19:-00 - 22:00 
VenueSaxo Capital Markets Office
12/F Agricultural Bank of China Tower, No. 50 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong
No of session1 session/ course 
2 sessions/ course 1 session/ course 1 session/ course 1 session/ course 
FeeHKD 880*HKD 880*HKD 1,280*HKD 1,280*HKD 1,280*
*After enrolling in a course, current students of Investology who became the customers of Saxo Capital Markets and existing customers of Saxo Capital Markets can receive a rebate of up to 50% of the course fee, provided that the total commission payable on trades placed by the course participant and executed through the company’s trading platform reaches 30% or more of the course fee by 31 March 2017.  Please press here for more information.

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